Cozy Christmas Front Porch

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I'm not sure if it's because I'm from the south, but I love porches…all sizes and shapes! They tell a story of what's to come inside a home. They are that first impression. 

Today's tour is all about the porch…..the Christmas Porch……our Cozy Christmas Front Porch!

No matter the size or style of your porch, deck or entrance, I'm sure you will be inspired. I am excited to visit all the other homes on this tour for ideas! I am always amazed at the creativity. 

I want to thank my friend, Amy, from Atta Girl Says for organizing our tour. I think this is the 3rd year! Thanks, Amy! Be sure to follow along to the end for the other tour links!

Go grab a cup of hot chocolate and let's visit a while!

christmas porch

christmas house

Yes, we still have loads of falling leaves here in the south. These 2 trees produce an insane amount of small, pesky leaves, but they sure give nice shade in the summer. I plan on making more of these yardstick stars that are hanging in the trees. They are so easy to make!!! 

christmas house

Ashlyn comes home from college this week, and we plan to add more lights in the shrubs. She is totally my partner in holiday decorating. 

christmas porch

We've had so much clouds and rain! Finally a break in the skies to get photos. 

christmas decor

The garland has been a constant around the door since we moved here in 2004! Yes, it is that old. I try to change it up each year with ribbon. This year I also added shatterproof ornaments. 

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christmas decorations

I am totally smitten with my new Santa this year. Isn't he gorgeous! 

front door

One thing that our porch always has is plaid. Christmas is all about the plaid for me! It's always in my decorating scheme. The NOEL sign was a DIY project a couple of years back. It was after that I realized that I had the N backwards……oh well! I still use it! 

garland and bells

Add a couple of bold elements to your garland on either side of the door. These bells worked perfectly with the large bows.


My wreath stayed the same this year. I just changed the ribbon and added a few of the shatterproof ornaments. 

christmas porch


christmas porch

You'll notice that I kept my little garden gnome. He's just too cute to put away for winter. Kind of looks like Santa! That's my childhood sled from growing up in the cold winters of Virginia. Our kids have used it a few times here in SC! It's great and definitely vintage now that I'll be 50 this month!!!

christmas sign

When you love something, keep using it! I made this sign a few years ago and still enjoy it. It has held up beautifully out here and is a nice change to the typical mirror in its place. You can find the Vintage Look Sign Tutorial HERE.

christmas porch

The navy plaid pillows were new last year. They are actually covering the summer pillows. You know that I detest storing an excessive amount of pillows. I now look for pillow covers to fit over existing pillows. No pillows covers here…..check out what I did to the HERE! Cheap and easy….no sew!!!! The red pillow was a Target purchase quite a few years ago along with the plaid throw blanket. 

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christmas pillow

You know those ready-made pillow covers at Hobby Lobby? That's the base of this reindeer DIY pillow

christmas porch

Pretty simple down here. Nothing new at all, just arranged a little differently.

christmas porch

Similar look on the other side of the porch. 

christmas porch

Little peek inside to the foyer tree. 

christmas porch

The sun started to set as I was finishing up photographing.

christmas home

christmas porch


I wish I could get by with leaving the lights up all year! Everything just looks so magical! I may just have to hang some cafe string lights on the porch!! 

christmas home


The new plaid ribbon, shatterproof ornaments and Santa by the door are from At Home Stores. Details on them can be found HERE.

collage photo featuring four Christmas porches

Christmas Porch Tour

Follow the links below for the full Christmas porch tour lineup, featuring 18 home decor bloggers. Be sure to visit everyone for lots of ideas to add festive touches to your porch and other outdoor spaces.

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collage photo featuring four Christmas porches

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collage photo featuring four Christmas porches

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collage photo featuring four Christmas porches
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  1. Oh this is just stunning! And it looks so magical in the evening with all the lights. I would just stand outside and enjoy the view all. the. time. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! The front door, especially, is stunning. I love the limewashed brick, too — did you do it? Or was it already limewashed when you purchased the home?

    1. Thanks so much, Lora! No the brick came that way. We wanted a more historic look when we built almost 15 years ago!!

  3. Christy, I love every single thing here! From the yardstick stars to the lights and all the plaid, it is beautiful and so inspiring!! Happy 50th…I’ll be turning 50 in April…doesn’t it feel crazy?! I wish you and blessed and very Merry Christmas! 😉

  4. Christy, I’d love to get comfy in one of your wicker chairs and enjoy your beautiful Christmas lights–such an inviting space! Excited to be joining you on the tour! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  5. Christy, I love every little detail of your porch! The sign, the chairs, the decor around the door, all of it is perfect for your beautiful home. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Your porch is absolutely lovely, Christy! It’s so festive and inviting and I know when people visit that you must have a hard time getting them in the house because it must take them a long time to admire all of your Christmas porch details. It’s all so pretty and I enjoyed every single photograph. Enjoy Ashlyn coming home. I know you are excited to have your decorating partner back at home!

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