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Christmas Sleigh Centerpiece

Thanks for sharing!

It's thrift store decor makeover day!

I am overjoyed to share my first project for the upcoming holiday season.

Christmas Sleigh Centerpiece

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sleigh basket



This has such a cute shape and and a generous size. It's really not bad at all in its natural state. I just wanted to brighten it up a bit with white.

Painting it white gives it a nice cottage farmhouse feel.

spray paint

Chalky finish spray paints are great on baskets. It has a nice matte finish. I didn't want anything with shine. 

I removed the metal runners before painting. I discovered that they were attached with zip ties. I just cut those off so I wouldn't have to tape up the metal. It made this project so much easier. Luckily, we just bought zip ties for another project. 


Put down a drop cloth to protect your surface. 

I elevated the basket off the ground with a couple of pieces of scrap wood. Start by painting it upside down. 

After this dries, flip it over and paint again right side up and the insides. 


The metal runners are in pretty good shape so I didn't see a need to repaint those. I really love the white basket up against the black runners. 


Basket Filler Ideas

  • faux floral pics
  • real greenery
  • small wrapped presents
  • ornaments
  • Christmas cards
  • fruit


I realize that finding a piece like this might not be simple, but you could do something similar with a rectangular basket. 


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family room

I've just started pulling out our Christmas decor. It's a huge chore, but I love it. One tree is up here, but not decorated. I have home tours on the blog starting December 1, so I've got to get busy! 

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Our home has been decorated for fall since after Labor Day so we are ready to enjoy Christmas decor. Luckily, we always celebrate Thanksgiving at my mom's so I can get a jump start. 

family room

I'm not exactly sure yet where the sleigh will end up. I'm thinking about the kitchen somewhere. This currently was the straightest spot with the Christmas decor explosion!


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Thanks for sharing!

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  1. I love to give old or forgotten things a new, refreshing look, it always seems like you have something brand new without spending a dime. And it’s so much fun to get creative and remodel anything you get your mind on.
    Thanks for sharing and keep being crafty! 🙂

  2. Awww! So cute! I’d toss in some cinnamon-scented pinecones and call it a day. The greenery you arranged in yours is super cute! You have an eye for design. Great find on the sleigh.

  3. I love it. Lucky you the bottom was attached with zip ties ! For years I struggled with paint soaking into my project. Gesso is the answer, especially on raw wood. Need a primer.

  4. What a great decoration! I will definitely follow your instructions to making this kind of decorating. I am new on this area so how can i start ?

  5. That turned out very cute! I love that you are starting on your Christmas decor already. I just pulled out a few items so I could stage some of my holiday projects so far, but i’m getting antsy to unleash All The Christmas around here.

    1. Thanks, Pam! We’ve been living with fall decor since after Labor Day. I’m ready for some Christmas and lights!

  6. This was an awesome find! I always tell my readers to investigate before the get started. LUCKY you that the basket was attached with zip ties!

    I can’t even think about putting up Christmas decor yet. I do love it, and leave it longer than I should, but never before Thanksgiving and generally it’s the well into December before I start. hahha good thing I don’t do home tours, eh? lol

    Love your Christmas Sleigh!

    sharing on pinterest and facebook


    1. Thanks so much, Gail! I love Christmas. I always have to get started early because I have home tours starting first of December. Lots of stress right now. LOL!

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