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Saturdays on the Porch #9

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Saturdays on the Porch #9 featuring lightweight linen blouse and pull on style white pants for a casual spring look.

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Saturdays on the Porch and #9

woman on front porch

EarringsTopiaries  | Blue Rug Similar Mat | Similar Lanterns  | Linen Shirt | So Slimming White Pants | Wallet Purse | Bracelet | Shoes

Happy weekend, sweet friends! I am writing Saturdays on the Porch as we head to the beach. I'm sitting in the back seat with Jack (the cat). Yes, when we go to the beach house we always take both Bentley and Jack. Jack travels so well. He doesn't leave his soft cat carrier even with it unzipped. I do keep a harness on him in case we need to quickly grab him. I do not take him if a lot of other family is there with their dogs. He is really terrified of other dogs. If he doesn't go, we hire a pet sitter. We've been doing this with him since he was a kitten so he is used to occasional travel. We only travel with him to our family beach house because he is familiar with it. We do not take him on other trips. We do give him 1 calming treat about 20 minutes before we leave. It really relaxes him. 

mother's day gift guide

If you missed yesterday's Mother's Day Gift Guide, please check it out. There are some really affordable fashion pieces. My maxi dress is under $22!!! 

Yesterday was slammed full with work to get photographed before leaving this morning. Plus Ashlyn and I went together to get our 2nd Moderna Covid vaccine. I'm so glad that is done! Of course, I woke during the wee hours of the morning feeling like I had the flu. I am feeling better now, just a bit slow going. I expected to possibly feel some effects. Not anything like actually having Covid. 

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linen look for spring

Earrings | Linen ShirtSo Slimming White Pants | Wallet Purse | Bracelet | Shoes

Chico's recently gifted me this outfit. It was a nice surprise to receive the beautifully wrapped box as a little thank you for working with them. I absolutely adore their clothes. I like these pants so much that I immediately ordered them in black. I did order them in a size .5. I prefer the .5 in most of their pants. I do like the 1.0 in the white for a little looser fit. 

Fit Tip: I am wearing a size 1 for a looser fit. A .5 would fit as well with a slimmer profile. These are a pull-on forgiving style. 

woman standing by gate

Earrings | Linen ShirtSo Slimming White Pants | Wallet Purse | Bracelet | Shoes

I love the weight of the linen 3/4 sleeve blouse. It's a great length for wearing untucked.

Fit Tip: I am wearing a size 0. I would have also been fine with the size 1 if I wanted a looser fit. It will work well with shorts also. 

linen outfit

Earrings | Linen ShirtSo Slimming White Pants | Wallet Purse | Bracelet | Shoes

Isn't the sleeve detail darling with the stripes!

woman on driveway

Earrings | Linen ShirtSo Slimming White Pants | Wallet Purse | Bracelet | Shoes

The genuine leather purse has built in wallet compartment. It's perfect for shopping. 

sandals and white pants

Earrings | Linen ShirtSo Slimming White Pants | Wallet Purse | Bracelet | Shoes

I really like the attention to detail on the pants with the slit hem and buttons. 

family photo

Two weeks ago Clemson University had their class ring ceremony for their seniors. Woods and Ashlyn both received their beautiful class rings. They will be graduating together in December. Woods is the oldest of the two. It's tradition for parents to pose with their kids each wearing their ring. Mine no longer fits on my right hand. Ha, ha! I had to wear mine on my left for photos. I tried to have it resized last month, but my local jeweler wouldn't do it. They said that i need to send it back to the manufacturer which I just haven't gotten around to doing yet. I am so proud of both of them.

brother and sister

Ashlyn is a Criminal Justice major. Woods is a double major in Math and Computer Engineering. We are proud parents! 


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cutting board

Wren Home Monogrammed Cutting Board

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Wren Home gifted me this cutting board, and it is stunning. It would be perfect for a wedding gift! We do charcuterie boards a lot for dinner or appetizers. It's a great size for that and serving. It is also food safe. More to come on it!


Wren Home Monogrammed Cutting Board

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I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Saturdays on the Porch


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Also on OSH!  Saturdays on the Porch

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